What you get inside your Tplink Archer AX6000 Router

If you want a Wi-Fi router in your home, office, or institute as a device to increase the area of the WIFI network and signal coverage, then is set up with Archer AX6000 is the best choice ever. It consists of a single router that will act as the host router, and you can attach a range extender also. Both devices can expand your WIFI network and support up to 25 wireless devices, or you can say the wireless nodes. Archer AX6000 is a Tri-band and Mesh Wi-Fi device. It has the latest Wi-Fi technology. It delivers advanced security and smooth WIFI speed. Tplink Archer AX6000 is the best Wi-Fi router for corporate employees, customers, and guests. You can easily fit into small businesses and small office environments.

Tp-link Login steps to your Archer AX6000

All routers can work with the existing modems of your house supplied by your Internet Service Provider. In your Tplink Archer AX6000 tri-band router, you get a central Wi-Fi Router unit that has to be connected to your current ISP modem or router using an Ethernet cable. In addition to that, you get an Ethernet cable, Power line adapter, six external antennas, and a USB cable to connect other Smart WIFI units. The modem has to associate with your central WIFI Router to get on the network. The connection is required to have a high-speed wireless backhaul or Ethernet cable.

Instructions for the setup

Archer AX6000 router setup

  1. The first step is to select the type of connection you have for your router. It can be wired or wireless.
  2. The wireless connection type is the most preferred type for the login process.
  3. You can also have a wireless setup process using the Tether app provided by TP-Link.
  4. The Tether app is an app you can install on your mobile or any other smart device, like iOS and Apple.
  5. For the wired Ethernet connection, get an Ethernet cable and connect it to the WAN port on your modem.
  6. Insert the next point of this cable into the WAN slot of your Tplink Archer AX6000 router.
  7. Now the router requires an association with a computer or PC that already has a working internet connection.
  8. The LAN port of the computer requires a separate Ethernet cable to pair with the LAN port of your Tplink Archer AX6000 router.
  9. When the Ethernet connection completes, open a web browser. Open it in a computer associated with the LAN port of the router.
  10. Navigate the web address page of the computer to the login page.
  11. On the login page, enter the user name and the password.
  12. The username and the password are the default login details you have to get from the Tplink Archer AX6000 router itself.

Although most tp link wifi routers use ADMIN as the default username and password. As you enter admin in the required field of user name and password of the login window, you will get the central web interface of your Tplink Archer AX6000 router.

Secure your Tplink Archer AX6000 Router

Tplinkwifi login username change

After login into your Tplink Archer, click on wireless frequency 2.4 GHz and do some wireless settings. First, you need to change the SSID by tapping and clearing the username/SSID section. After that, type a new user name and save it. In some Tplink models, you may see a different option to change the wireless security. After login goes to Advanced, then click Wireless, then the Wireless Settings to change the network name of your router. It is the network name, which others can see while searching for the available networks in a local area.

Tplink Archer AX6000 login password change

The next milestone to secure your Tplink router is to change the wireless password. After login to your wireless TP-Link router, click advanced, then wireless, then wireless settings, and hit the option “Wireless Security” and then type your new password. Slowly, come down by scrolling the page and hitting the SAVE button. The password you will select should be unique, reliable, and easy to remember. It should contain a letter, number, symbol, and special characters. Then your password will be considered a strong password.

Select an appropriate version

To select a standard and appropriate version, select WPA2-PSK from the available options on the screen. On some router models, choose the security with a valid Version. Go for either WPA/WPA2 – Personal or WPA2-PSK wifi security protocols. In the Next tab, enter the admin wifi password you have created in the box. Once the whole process completes, click Save.

If you forget the username and password, a reset requires to your router. It helps to bring your router to its default factory settings, and you can log in back to your router using default login credentials. Sometimes the router faces issues or starts giving errors, in that case, reset your router.

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