How to fix Tplinkwifi not working issue

Tplinkwifi not working issue is reported by several users of tplink Wi-Fi products. In most tplink routers and modems, accessing the page from a web browser would take you to the web interface. You can even reach the settings. But in some cases, this does not happen. In some cases, the users have reported not working even after the reset and firmware update of the router.

Causes of Tplinkwifi not working error

  1. A security page can prevent you from accessing the management page –

Most tplink Wi-Fi routers use a security feature. That prevents you from accessing the router’s setup page. If you have not used your router for a long time, then you may face such issues.

  1. The computer might not have been configured to allow automatic IP assignment –

One of the most common causes that prevent you from accessing is the computer. Your computer device might not have been configured to allow automatic IP assignment. In this case, you need to re-configure your device.

  1. Some latest routers might not have configured for as the setup address- 

Is your router not configured to use Tplinkwifi net setup as the default setup address? Then you need to use the default IP address of your router.

  1. Issue of firmware bug –

In some TP-Link Wi-Fi routers, the users report firmware bugs that prevent them from accessing the setup page. In case the user has to disable the wireless component or update the device to the latest firmware version.

Fix: Tplinkwifi not working

  1. Restart the router

If you have not used or restarted the router for a long time, you cannot access the setup screen because of some security features. In some tplink Wi-Fi routers, some security features block the users from accessing the Tplink login page. And if they are not logging into the management page for a long time. If you restart the modem or the router, the page becomes accessible.

  1. Download and update the firmware

To resolve Tplinkwifi not working issue, you can download and update the latest firmware for your router. The latest firmware update can remove all security features that prevent the Tplink login page from being accessed. Go to the official support site of Tplink and get the latest firmware for your router.

  1. Directly access the IP address

All TP-Link models are not configured to open the router setup page upon the Tplink login web address. If your router has the same issue, then access the web interface using the IP address.

If you get some error when accessing the login page through the address bar of the web browser, then you have to access the following IP address directly.

After typing the IP address into the address bar of the browser, press enter. It will take you to the setup page of your router.

  1. Use an Easy setup Assistant For Tplinkwifi not working

You have to reinstall the router using an Easy Setup Assistant. Are you unable to access the Tplink login page? Then before running the Easy Setup Assistant, verify your configuration device and obtain the IP address automatically.

  1. Restart the modem and router

The best and the most affected method to get rid of this issue is to restart the modem and the router with Wi-Fi disabled functionality. Press the Wi-Fi button given at the back of your router to disable this function. Now, connect your router and modem using an Ethernet LAN cable. Into the Addy of the browser, enter or and press enter key. Once you get the tp link setup screen of your router/modem, press the given wireless button and remove the LAN cable from the laptop/PC/computer.

  1. Reset your Tplink Wi-Fi router

If all the above methods are not working, you need to reset the router to its default factory settings. Your router contains a physical reset button on its outer panel. You have to press this reset button with a suitable object and keep it pressing for at least ten seconds. After that, the router will reboot and set to its default factory settings. Now access the tplink login page using a web browser.

  1. Power on your Orbi device and wait for two minutes.
  2. Check the LED status. If the LEDs are blinking, then you are ready to go.
  3. Get a paper clasp to press the reset Orbi router
  4. The reset button is a small entity and is on the outer panel of your Orbi router.
  5. Find the reset button of your router very carefully.
  6. Push the button gently using the reset pin for a maximum of 20 seconds.

As you release the reset button, the router will boot up. Wait for a few minutes and let the router restart. Now it is in its factory default configuration. You can now update the Orbi firmware.


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