How do I change my password?

Forgot your Wi-Fi login password or want to change it? You are at the right place. This article will guide you about how can you log in to the admin panel of your Wi-Fi and how can you change the default ID or Password of your router. Is the most used IP Address to access the admin panels of some routers and modems. It is one of the most commonly used private IP addresses in the world. When you want to change the default settings of your router, you need to go to the TP-Link Login page first. For that, you have some default Usernames and passwords to be used for login. But what if you have already changed the password and you do not remember that? Below is the step-by-step guide for you to change the default passwords (if you’ve forgotten) of your Wi-Fi.

How to Change TP-Link Default Password:

Every router has some default ID and passwords set when set up by the technical experts. If you do not remember the username or password of your router, you can choose either of the following two options:

  • If your default password has not been changed by you before, you can use the following default username and password list:
IP AddressUsernamePassword


These are the IP Addresses and default login information of all the brands. It only works if you have not changed the password before. However, if you have already changed your login password before this, you cannot log in using this information. In such a case, you can use the following steps so that you can reset your login credentials to default.

  • If you have previously changed your router’s password and have forgotten it now, you need to reset your device. It will reset your device to factory/default settings. In this way, your login information will return to your factory settings. After resetting, you can log in to the panel by using the above information. You will lose your connection online when you will try to reset your modem. It is better to take an expert’s assistance in this regard.

Remember: Modem reset can be easily done by clicking on the reset button at the back or the bottom of your modem. Hold down this small button for approximately 20 seconds, then your modem will get restored to the factory/default settings.

Guide to change Password:

If you have forgotten your router password or want to change it, follow the below-discussed step by step guide for your convenience:

  • TP-Link– There are four steps that you need to follow to change the password of your TP-Link router. These are:
  1. Login to the admin panel by using its default IP Address i.e. or
  2. Enter TP-Link default password and username (as mentioned in the above table).
  3. Navigate to Wireless>Wireless Security>WPA/WPA2- Personal>Password.
  4. Enter the password that you want to set and save the changes.

Issues connecting to IP Address

  • If you are facing some issues in connecting to, it may be due to a connection problem. You need to check your Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable. You can turn off the router and turn it on again or restart the computer to resolve such an issue.
  • Another reason may be the incorrect IP Address in the address bar of your web browser. Some may have confusion with the IP address. So do not type 192.168.I.0 (it contains I). Rather type
  • You may also enter the wrong username and password. Check your settings if this issue persists. If you have changed your password earlier and forgot, reset your router to the factory settings.
  • To reset your router, press and hold a small button located on the back or bottom of your router for a few seconds and then release it.

If you apply a factory reset to your modem, the login credentials and Wi-Fi network name and password will revert to the default/factory settings. Not many people know their router’s IP Address. That is because the setup process is executed by the technical experts. So you never get in contact with But sometimes, due to some reasons, you want to change your tplinklogin net default password or Username or the parental controls. Only then you will need

After logging in with the default settings, you will find the options to change the passwords of your Wi-Fi. If you are not sure about your password or you encounter a wrong match, you can just reset the modem to factory settings. If you do have not enough information, we recommend you to take help from some technical expert who has such kind of knowledge. And, if you still have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team.


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